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KProject ist designed for freelancer, to manage contacts with customers or other persons. It stores the datas in a postgresql database in relations between customers, persons and contacts.

With KProject its possible to log the history of discussions with the customer (eg. salary discussions, project discussions and so on).

Its based on qt3(odbc)/kde3 and postgresql (or any other odbc db).

Here you can find some screenshots.


To install KProject, it is necessary to install a qt3 compatible version of an odbc manager. I am using unixODBC. You have also to compile the sql-plugins of qt3. Please read the documents of these packages for more informations.

In the next step, you have to create a postgresql database with the name kproject. On these database, you must enter the commands in the sql-files wich are located in the subdirectory database/pgsql.

Then, it's necessary to create in the homedirectory of every user (wich should work with kproject) an file .odbc.ini with the following content:

[ODBC Data Sources]

kproject = DB for KProject


Description = DB for KProject

Driver = /usr/lib/libodbcpsql.so

Servername = localhost

Database = kproject

Port = 5432

ReadOnly = 0

To compile the program, you have to enter the normal 3 steps of mostly every linux program:

./configure --prefix=/opt/<KDE3DIR>; make; make install

If you want to help to push this software, please contact me: olaf@dreyero.de.

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